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Secure's clinical practice was born out of friendship between co-owners Ben and Vanessa, who lived and worked in the same circles of Kansas City and finally met in grad school 15 years ago. Ben and his wife Katie were expecting their first child at the same time Vanessa and her husband were expecting their second - the babies were born in adjacent rooms at the same facility, one day apart! Ben and Vanessa’s collegial relationship has always been based in a firm belief in attachment science - that all humans can and want to be emotionally, mentally, physically safe.


We live what we teach. We share what we’ve learned along the way - both our professional knowledge and our lived experiences. Both the Taussig family and the Knight family are big (like... 120+ pound!) dog lovers with some turtles, cats, chickens, fish mixed in. Both families have experience with traditional public and privat schooling, as well as academic, inclusive homeschooling. 

Since opening Secure's Leawood location in 2010, we have helped thousands of individuals and families, and every story is unique. One thing we have found to be the same is that emotional security brings out the beauty in anyone. Both Vanessa and Ben will continue to be part of the Kansas City metro community for many years. The majority of our work is clinical, directly with clients, but we do supervise a limited number of other clinicians who share our desire to bring emotional security to all humans. 

We are honored to work with those who trust us and share their stories. Our clinical interventions are efficacy-based, and we rely on the scientific community's current understanding of neuropsychological processes to move clients through hard things.

Our most recent adventure is expanding to both our original Leawood location and an addition location in Missouri! In Fall 2023, we opened the Downtown locationSecure's vision is for any human we help to be secure - and to help as many as we can, in order bring peace in this chaotic world. Join our vision, and we can't wait to meet you.

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