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Here is our complete Policies & Procedure

For parents, we have a description of what to expect from your clinician about treating a child or adolescent, how therapeutic goals may vary for parents and children, a description of what's expected of you, and an agreement about your child's privacy.

Use this form to give permission to your clinician to discuss your needs with a person outside of the therapeutic relationship - including family members, physicians, other mental health professionals, attorneys, occupational therapists, teachers and school personnel.

This section of the above Intake Packet covers boundaries,  consent, what you can expect, and limits of therapy. 

This section of the above Intake Packet covers your psychosocial history, goals, mental health symptoms, presenting concerns, and other things you'd want your clinician to know at a first appointment.

PDF - Financial Policies/Agreement (Section of Intake Packet)

Clarity about financial expectations and policies can be found here.

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