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Use Our Spaces

More Than A Room Rental

Therapy offices are warm, quiet places that feel like home and encourage creativity, thought and mindfulness. This counseling practice is opening its doors to the general community to create a collective space to welcome anyone who needs an affordable and emotionally kind location. It is a confidential, quiet place to have a meeting, work remotely, talk with colleagues or friends, host a class, or see clients. It's perfect for unicorn space when you have kids at home, need a cozy space away from the public, or want to meet with someone 1:1 or as a small group or class. We have large spaces for presentations available - email for larger events! Usage rate includes:

  • waiting room hospitality (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, candy),

  • all utilities including WiFi,

  • furnishings,

  • hygienics (Kleenex, etc),

  • trash and cleaning services,

  • autonomous access with a personal four-digit PIN code of your own,

  • contracted use that is as flexible or firm as you prefer (one time use or regular).

  • access to kitchen/breakroom (exceptions when some classes are in session)


You are responsible for setup and clean up for your event, but we have the furnishings available. Storage is available for a small added fee for ongoing services that require you to keep supplies onsite. You can reserve space right here online.

We currently have one professional office and one classroom available for use. Additional spaces are coming soon! Additional spaces will include larger capacity meeting rooms.

What are the rules? 

1. Leave it the way you found it or better. 

Our shared community spaces are self-managing. We don't have a receptionist, clean-up/setup team or staff to manage messes, and use of our spaces is intended as a peer-sharing effort. When you use a space at our counseling clinic, please leave it tidy, throw away trash, reset it to its intended appearance. 

2. Respect the intent of the space. 

Our offices are for quiet discussion, art, play, meetings, community and education. Children are always welcome. Rough play or yelling/screaming is generally not. Some classes or activities may involve gross motor play, and that's ok - but if it's something that includes roughhousing, chasing, or other "outside" games, there is a courtyard on the property that might be an alternative option for those games (send us an email). 

3. Assume the best. Kindness is always beautiful.

At Secure, we believe all humans are good. Negative behavior comes from fear and survival. Assume the best when you interact with the Secure community, and we will assume the best about you. No logistical problem is worth hurt feelings.


Have more questions? 

Here's the fine print - Rules and Terms of Space Use and FAQs

About Our Professional Counseling Practice

Secure Counseling Clinic is a professional counseling practice that is secular and inclusive. We serve families, couples, adults, adolescents and children with professional counseling services, but we also support adjacent professionals who serve the same families and individuals who need us. That means occupational therapists, infant and adult massage, yoga  and other physiological integrative practices, therapies that involves the creative arts, and more! Space usage does not imply clinical or professional oversight, liability coverage, or endorsement by Secure Counseling of the Guest. Our practice does not sublet - other individuals and businesses are considered Guests of our practice. When a Guest is ready to use our suite, a booking contract specifying the times, dates, duration, and limitations of use is prepared and signed digitally. Payment is collected at the time of reservation, and cancellation for hourly use is specified in the contract.

Center Office

Our Center Office (Owner's Office) is the smallest and most intimate of our spaces at 176 square feet (12.5x14). This office includes two upholstered rocking/swiveling chairs and a leather three-seat sofa (seats 5-6 total). The room comfortably accommodates up to 10-12 with a few additional chairs for groups. Max occupancy is 18 adults (based on square footage). This office has hardwood floors covered with an antique rug, four 9-foot tall original windows with a beautiful view of the Library District and incredible natural light. The office has a library of books for in-office use and a sand tray therapy setup for counselors (see left in photo). The room has a small desk for officing. All spaces at Secure have WiFi-access.



The Classroom is perfect for any group activities! The Downtown Classroom is 236 square feet (14.75 x 16 feet). It is tiled and has an area rug (optional). The classroom comfortably seats 20 in a circle. Based on 3x2sqft per person), room max capacity is 40 if chairs are situated in rows. For yoga (21sf/person), this room will accommodate 12 mats. We have 10 6 foot rectangular tables, many 36"x36" floor pillows, 14 adult sized ergonomic chairs (light green), a classroom set of black stacking chairs. This room does not have windows and darkens entirely to black. Florescent lights are available, but since they're not our fav, we regularly use twinkle lights and paper lanterns! This room also contains many rows/bays of rolling storage shelves that can be reserved at a separate usage rate if you need to keep supplies onsite regularly. 

Left Office
"The Tree Room"

Image by Jeremy Bishop

This office is on its way! It will feature a table seating 6-8 with a chandelier, as well as a large "living room space" with sofa and chairs. This room is carpeted with an additional antique rug in reds and blues, with deep midnight blue window treatments on original 9 foot windows.

Right Office 
"The Flowers Room"

Image by Cristiane Teston

This office is on its way! It will feature a large L-shaped executive desk where you can spread out and work, as well as a large "living room space" with sofa and chairs. This room is carpeted with an additional antique rug in pinks blues, black and white, with black window treatments on original 9 foot windows.

Let’s Work Together

500 Terry Francine Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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