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Instructions (please read before beginning):

  1. The website booking system reserves one day at a time, and you can reserve several dates (oneatatime) within the same Checkout (see #6 below). If you would like to reserve many dates, recurring, or long-term dates, contact, and the times can be reserved and invoiced in bulk.

  2. First, select the first space and the time range (morning, afternoon, evening) you would like to reserve.

  3. Once you've selected one, you'll have the opportunity to add additional time ranges to your request. These will be on the same date.

  4. Select the date on our calendar based on the available choices, then click "Request to Book"

  5. Complete the form (Name, contact info, brief event desc)

  6. To add additional dates, click "Add to Cart" and repeat the process above. Each time, the Cart will update with your reserved event dates. Please double check to make sure all of the dates entered are correct before completing checkout.

  7. When you have all of the dates reserved you wish, click "Checkout" to finish and pay. You will receive a confirmation email with the dates, and the location owner will contact you with Entrance Orientations and your unique PIN code for entering the space. We are lucky to have you, and welcome to our collective space!

  8. Be aware of the cancellation policy: To cancel or reschedule, we require 24 hours notice from the start time of your reservation. In order to generate a PIN-code for entry and make sure you know what to expect of your beautiful space, we require 2 days notice for books online. Less than two days notice, please contact Owner Vanessa Knight at


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